To be a powerful, authentic and inspiring leader – you need to 

be yourself
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5 Steps to Lead Yourself

To a New Level Today

It’s time to reveal who you truly are, let go of the things that are no longer empowering you and Lead Yourself to a whole new level of authenticity and alignment.


One of the very first activities to help you connect to who you really are is to get clear on your unique values that have guided the significant events in your life so far and that inspire you as a foundation for your future actions, decisions and behaviours.

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Kate Krieg MBA is the founder of Lead Yourself. As a highly impactful and motivating speaker, life, business & leadership coach and former Executive of Marketing, her approach is not only practical and useful it is founded in evidence-based methodologies.


Kate deeply connects with others and her approach is fun, engaging and empowering. Driven by the latest research in neuroscience and neuropsychology Kate encourages people to get deeply curious and deeply connected with who they are at their core, identify areas of misalignment, inspiring them and supporting them to integrate practices to lead themselves to a whole new level.


Kate works with individuals, teams and organisations and has helped hundreds of people Lead Themselves to become more effective, focused, confident, peaceful and ultimately become their inspiring, authentic selves.


Kate's Highly Engaging Live Workshops

A Whole New Level

Interested in supporting your company, team or group to better lead themselves and increase overall performance?

Using the latest evidence-based tools and practical methods Kate’s workshops are highly impactful and engaging.
Kate’s focus is practical, deeply self-reflective with a strong focus on supporting teams to integrate their new learnings to support their growth straight away.

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Powerful Brain Hacks for 
Peak Performance

Learn how to integrate habit psychology to increase and sustain high levels of performance

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Align with Values and Lead with Authenticity


Discover how to connect to your values and learn the skills to act, behave, speak and think in alignment with them to be more authentic

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Mind Your Success

The first step to success is conscious leadership. Learn how to deepen your connection with yourself and hardwire your brain for happiness

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