A Masters Qualified and Highly Credentialed Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Mind + Performance Coach. 


Combining Evidence-Based Tools and Performance Science, Coupled With Experienced Business And Corporate Skills To Get Fast Personalised Results. 


"My clients often say:


'Kate, I know need to do but I am just not doing it.
How do I put the big things into action before it's too late'

I help my clients take action and achieve the things in their life they really want. Losing weight, a new career, a promotion, more money and even new relationships. My clients achieve their goals feeling more fulfilled, energised and happier than they thought possible... and FULLY prepared to tackle their even bigger goals."

I Help You Be Even Better 

"You Have The Power Within You... I just help you find it"

Learn the
Art + Joy

of Goal 


The Power
of just
Two Little Words

I am

I am...      Vibrant
I am...      Energetic
I am...      Inspiring
I am...      Joyfu

Be The Person
You Want To Be

I am... Confident? Prosperous? Balanced? Fulfilled?
A Good Boss? A Present Spouse? Happy? Loved? Loveable? Prosperous? Smart? Healthy? Famous? Abundant?

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