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This foundational coaching course is perfect for those who want to lean in and focus on a deep connection with self as the priority and first stage to success. This is a complete program but is often followed with the Lead Yourself flagship program to Lead Yourself to a whole new level - once the foundations are set. 

Virtual Team Meeting



This flagship coaching program is a popular for those wanting to deepen their understanding and application of concepts with tailored support to achieve efficient and effective results. This comprehensive course leaves no stone unturned and you feel fully supported to connect, align and expand to become the most powerful, authentic + inspiring version of you.



Evidence Based Business + Life Coach

Want to learn the science to better Lead Yourself?

Kate's passion and calling is to teach and coach people how to lead themselves to a new level with confidence, compassion and clarity.

Kate has helped people from all walks of life, all over the world using evidence based tools and techniques that are refreshing, unconventional, engaging, supportive and, frankly, life changing.

Kate's approach is founded on the methodology that deeply connecting is the foundation to success. Kate deeply connects with her clients to develop an intimate understanding and tailors her support to achieve impactful results.

Are you ready to deeply connect and learn how to Lead Yourself to a whole new level?

Contact Kate about her individual or group coaching options and packages to suit most people and budgets!


People coached by Kate love her comprehensive and holistic approach - all methods are backed by science to achieve effective and sustainable results. Kate pin points specific areas for focus and works hands on to get efficient results - using a fun, dynamic and authentic delivery.

Kate's group coaching program approach is called 'hybrid' coaching. Meaning Kate's programs include both one to one coaching and group coaching in the same experience to better impact her clients:

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Group programs are often more affordable and can fit better with your lifestyle

Group dynamics and insights from others offer clients a deeper and broader understanding of the concepts and how to apply them

One to one coaching offers you time and space alone with Kate  to deepen your understanding and allows Kate to tailor her coaching for your specific needs and desires as required

You receive weekly support and micro-coaching from Kate - this is a really cost effective way to get high level results

You are fully supported in a structured way using only the latest in scientific research to get lasting results

We don't know many other programs that offer the same level of detail, support, science and connection that these programs provide.

If you are ready to better lead yourself to a whole new level, get in touch today!

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In a world where anyone can all themselves a "Coach" and make all sorts of outlandish promises, it is rare to come across someone who 'walks their talk', and is highly qualified in their field. Kate is one of them! She has the knowledge, the skills and the genuine desire to guide you to find answers.

I have taken part in a group coaching program with Kate over the last 6 months, and come away from each session with increased clarity and self awareness. If you're ready to dive deep, and make real, lasting change, then I highly recommend Kate.

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I can't express how much Kate has changed my life. She is an inspiring, caring, intelligent, infectious woman, who delivers a strong messages in a warm and life changing way. My life not only on a personal level but a career level has improved. She inspired me to make wiser decisions in all aspects of my life and her quick responses are impressive. Kate is bright and nothing gets past her, as she will really deep dive into your thought processes and come up with solutions on how to manage different situations in your life.

Kate is super intelligent and insightful but I have to say one of the things I found most important and what made me feel comfortable is her humour. She is witty and quick. Her ability to make you feel at ease and to really open up, is such a rare quality to possess.

I honestly can’t recommend her enough and after the madness of 2020, the best decision you will make is working with Kate.

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Kate’s calm, insightful, intuitive approach enabled me to explore and question significant parts of my life with gentle curiosity and self compassion.


Kate’s genuine desire to help me was evident every time we came together - she helped raise my awareness of self, to explore my individuality, to discover my true authentic self, to really dive deep and make these discoveries with acceptance, appreciation and kindness...


Kate truly is a special and unique coach

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Kate is such a beautiful soul who has helped me get ‘unstuck’ from negativity and to completely turn my mindset, and my life, around.


She has such a kind and gentle approach to coaching, I feel like I’m truely heard each time we speak.


Thanks to Kate, and the work we’ve done, I’ve created a life I love.



Kate is an absolute gem. She has this incredible ability to deeply connect with people allowing her to gently nurture real change.


She is wise, authentic, inspirational, self-aware and an absolute wealth of knowledge.


She challenges you in ways that result in radical change, helping you to thrive.

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Kate is a breath of fresh air.


She is incredibly professional, knowledgeable, positive and above all kind. 


She is highly skilled in understanding challenges, behaviours, and how to pivot.


Couldn’t recommend her coaching more.

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