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How to feel empowered, happy and in control again

WITHOUT wasting your precious time or energy

Does this sound like you?

  • You struggle to switch off and feel like you're stuck in the same patterns?

  • You feel like you're living in a cycle of distraction, struggle, or overwhelm?

  • You feel like you've got so much you want to do, yet you're nowhere near where you want to be?

  • You have health, wellbeing and performance goals but you're struggling with the motivation and energy to improve?

  • You feel like you might make a little bit of progress but then end up back where you started?

  • You struggle to find the energy or time to improve...

  • You are losing hope that things will get better

My name is Kate Krieg MBA,
The Transformation Coach

I have helped countless women (and some men!) seriously transform their personal and professional lives through my keynotes, podcast, private sessions, seminars and group programs.


About a decade ago I was 30 kilos overweight, addicted to stress, over eating, rushing around, striving and attending to everything and everyone else, but not really attending to me


Although, on paper, I appeared externally "successful", internally I was suffering and unfulfilled.


So I decided to make a change by researching the fields of psychology, neuroscience and habit change and applied what I learned to completely transform my life - from the inside out.

Not only did I lose weight (30kilos), I reprogrammed my habits, mindset and emotions to feel better internally and went on to achieve more in business and academically that I thought possible.


In short - my whole life transformed from the inside out - my relationships, confidence, productivity, energy, self worth and more.

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The transformation of my internal life led to the transformation of my external life.

What if I told you there was a really clear way to feel more like "you" again? (who even is that?)
To be in control, improve your life and
feel great too?


Thanks for adding your name to the waitlist - we will be in touch!


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Thanks for adding your name to the waitlist - we will be in touch!




The practices you do daily - often without thinking - can have you empowered + in control or the complete opposite. Most people are unclear how to form new helpful habits - or break old unhelpful habits - and sustain them. You will learn the science behind how to create healthy habits and rituals in your life so you can stop blaming yourself and start empowering yourself.


What drives your behaviours is mainly your thoughts. Your distortions, values, beliefs and fears. Once you learn how to master your mindset, you unlock your personal power to make sustainable change.


Emotions are the key to assessing what is really going on. Learn how to assess your emotions and address them appropriately


Develop your self-awareness to connect with what empowers and disempowers you and with the new skills, make sustainable changes.

The transformation of my body was actually the transformation of my entire life.

Everything started to improve when I focused on looking after me - my habits, mindset, emotions and awareness.

I had no idea how disconnected I was and how simple tweaks can make such a profound difference.


Thanks for adding your name to the waitlist - we will be in touch!

You're probably reading this on your phone, partially to distract yourself but also to search for a better way - because deep down you know there is.


You know that there is a better way to live and for you to feel in control and happy again.


Well let me congratulate you for landing where you are right now - reading this page - because this might just be exactly what you need and where you need to be right now. I am a big believer of that.

I have just released a brand new program called RECONNECT.


A simple step by step process to have you RECONNECT with YOU and align your Habits, Mindset and Emotions to take back control and have you feeling more empowered and fulfilled. Yes - it is possible!


This simple process is focused and transformative - you will end up with a lifelong, high quality toolkit you can apply to all areas of your life.

What to Expect

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