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It's Sunday Night... We Know What That Means

Eat the Frog

Sunday night can be a challenging night for some... It's rare to speak with someone who is excited about returning to work tomorrow, motivated and eager to drive their life and goals forward.

Many people I speak with have a subtle sense of dread that the weekend is ending. They begin to fall fast back to reality and try to come to terms with starting work again. For some it can actually cause physical symptoms - a feeling of dread in your heart or the pit of your stomach. Sound familiar? I've been there.

How can you improve your feeling towards going to work tomorrow and facing the week ahead of you? How can you set your week up for success and positivity?

I encourage you to take some time tonight - a half an hour should do - to reflect on the below. Ideally you would write down your thoughts - that's even better.

1. Assess your life.

How are you tracking in your life - every area - compared to where you would ideally like to be? What are the gaps? What are the key things you could do to address these in the short and long term?

2. List your overarching goals

Get crystal clear on the core goals you are trying to achieve in your life and consider how to get there.

2. Set some fruitful week tasks

What are the fruitful key tasks you wish to accomplish this week that would drive your business and life forward? List them and place them in priority order. The key here is fruitful - so many people focus on the tasks that don't make a significant impact in their overall goals.

3. Ask why?

Why is it important for your to achieve these goals and tasks? What is your overall purpose for doing them, for achieving and for sticking to them?

4. Schedule (and allow plenty of time)

After you have decided your fruitful tasks for the week, schedule them in your diary, allowing plenty of time to do them, and stick to it! You want to make sure you're in a taking action mindset!

4. Eat that frog

Decide to do the ONE thing that you have been putting off or dreading doing - the biggest, hardest or most important task - make it the very first thing you do tomorrow, yes MONDAY! Mark Twain's research has revealed it's a great way to reduce procrastination and gets you in an action-oriented mindset for the rest of the day!

5. Set intentions

Spend some quiet time tonight setting your intentions for the week ahead. Who do you want to become in your life? How do you want to be as a peer, leader, parent or friend? How do you want to be perceived and remembered?

There are so many things you can do to improve your performance and live with a strong sense of fulfilment and happiness. These steps above are a great way to start focusing on what's important to you!

I would love to know what things you do on a Sunday to start your week with a positive, calm and peak performance mindset. Share them below!

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