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A Clean Slate: How to Live Your Best Life This New Year

I love New Years Eve. Not because of the reasons I used to like some of the amazing parties I have been to, socialising with family and friends and seeing spectacular fireworks. These days I love it for a much deeper reason - because of the REAL OPPORTUNITY it brings to everyone.

Throughout the year I witness people attempting to take action on the things that they really want - to lose weight, to get a new job, buy a house or travel the world. They can definitely achieve what they want, it's the act of starting and then sticking with it that is key to their success.

But New Years Eve gives us a wonderful ability to mentally wipe the slate clean and realise that we have a FRESH new start to life! Forget about what you did last week or yesterday and FOCUS on what you are NOW - this year! Not last year! It's as though we can draw a mental line in the sand and say, 'that's what I used to do last year, but this year I only focus on doing the things that take me closer towards my goals.'

What would it take for you to have an abundance of what you desire this New Year?

1. What do you desire?

The first step is asking yourself what you truly desire... What do you want to have, be or do this year? Earn 50k more than last year? Lose 10 kilos? Travel for 6 months? Improve your relationship with yourself or a loved one? Well you can achieve what you want... all you needs is to determine what it is!

2. Set goals that are ideal to you

Some people try and conquer the world, only to fall short or lose focus on all of it and basically end up in the same place they were. Make sure you create a set of New Years goals that you can and want to achieve. It might take some serious self-exploration and a lot of prioritisation to figure this out by yourself, but it's worth the effort. Imagine if you completed just ONE goal, what would that be worth to you? Start small and then build, build, build!

3. Set a deadline

I was speaking to a good friend of mine who got married the other day - she was an absolutely gorgeous bride. In the lead up to her wedding she had lost a lot of weight. You would think it was the 'wedding day' that encouraged her to lose weight but all those eyes and attention on the day didn't compel or excite her. For her, it was the date of her wedding that represented in her mind a DEADLINE for achieving what she had been wanting to do for a while. Deadlines - on a micro and macro scale, have significant power. Use them daily and to your advantage.

4. Visualise already having, being or owning what you want

It is very underestimated how much you can use your mind to achieve your future goals. Without going into meta-physics and neurobiology.... I will highlight that the subconscious mind is very powerful influencer in your life. So use this as a tool to achieve the results you want. Every day visualise yourself already being or having or doing what it is that you desire. And don't forget to engage all of your senses, that's the 'language' and communication that your subconscious understands the most.

5. Affirmations that manifest outcomes

To be the person you want to be or have what it is you desire, you don't necessarily have to 'believe' it at first

, but you should definitely say it to yourself multiple times to 'become' it. Affirmations have been proven to rewire our brains and help bring us closer to more positive and preferable outcomes in our lives.

6. Get support

It's been proven that building a community of support from people helps in the achievement of goals. Try and buddy up with someone to help motivate and inspire you to keep taking action when you DO feel like giving up or settling for a life that's not in line with your hearts desires. An even better option is to seek help from a professional coach or similar that can give you personalised tools, information, support and guidance to focus you on the areas that will have a huge impact on your whole of life.

Someone once asked me: Do you love yourself and care about yourself enough to be the person you really want to be? It's a great question and really forms the basis of change and taking action. Do you want to get to a year or a few years from now wondering what your life could have been like if you made better decisions and took action today?

I want to take advantage of every day to live my full potential. I know the feeling of living a life that is not in line with my desires or my true purpose. Feel free to message me about your goals and if you would like help to achieve them or to learn about how I have helped clients and myself achieve huge outcomes in life.

I hope that this New Year brings you all the prosperity, health and abundance that you choose to manifest!

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