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Speaking and Workshops

Fun, engaging and performance driven sessions for a group, team or company. 

A Whole New Level

Kate's Highly Engaging Live Workshops

A Whole New Level

Interested in supporting your company, team or group to better lead themselves and increase overall performance?

Using the latest evidence-based tools and practical methods Kate’s workshops are highly impactful and engaging.
Kate’s focus is practical, deeply self-reflective with a strong focus on supporting teams to integrate their new learnings to support their growth straight away.

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Powerful Brain Hacks for 
Peak Performance

Learn how to integrate habit psychology to increase and sustain high levels of performance

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Align with Values and Lead with Authenticity


Discover how to connect to your values and learn the skills to act, behave, speak and think in alignment with them to be more authentic

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Mind Your

The first step to success is conscious leadership. Learn how to deepen your connection with yourself and hardwire your brain for happiness

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Learn how to integrate habit psychology to increase and sustain high levels of productivity and reduce overwhelm.

This is a powerful 2 hour session, full of new insights into the latest research into performance psychology and habit change. This practical and insightful session is designed for audiences that really understand how to gain focus, reduce procrastination and improve their energy. Kate takes the audience through self reflective exercises to gain clarity on the most important areas to influence for success and teaches valuable tools to use life long to achieve sustainable performance outcomes. 

Kate's skills and experience across most facets of business, life, health, stress and productivity is demonstrated in this robust session. What the audience learns can be applied in all areas of their business and life - making this session a favourite among many.

This session is hugely valuable for teams and individuals that have a focus on productivity and performance. When coupled with supportive performance coaching, your teams will be able to quickly and efficiently integrate the learnings into their daily activities to address stress, deal with competing priorities and better lead themselves. Kate uses diagnostic tools and behavioural techniques that are tailored to each individual to get maximum results. 

Powerful Brain Hacks for 
Peak Performance


That was truly exceptional, Kate! I have attended many presentations and this was one of the best - by far! Really powerful and interesting - thank you!


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Discover how to connect to your values and learn the skills to act, behave, speak and think in alignment with them to be more authentic and confident.

Do you see the value in supporting your team, group or company to connect with and align to values? This is one of the most fundamental steps that is most often overlooked and underestimated. The outcomes of this workshop have created such significant word of mouth and popularity due to the practicality and usability of this engaging session - everyone leaves with a crystal clear idea of how they are acting or not acting in alignment with company or personal values. 

Generating a list of values for yourself or the company is not enough to enact change. It's only when you act, behave and think in alignment with values do you begin to see real change and positive outcomes. So how do we get to this point? We come together in this 2 hour workshop to collaborate and design how we live and breathe by our values - and how we wouldn't. And we use this as a tool to guide our conversations, support decision making and address challenges and opportunities. 

Attendees of this workshop leave enlightened, aware and clear of what actions to start, stop and continue to support alignment to values. Companies have the option of the development of visible and practical tools to share with all stakeholders internally and externally. 

Align Values and Lead
with Authenticity 


Simply amazing. This is one of the most valuable sessions every company and team should undertake. It has made it so much easier to lead the team, hire and manage employees, make decisions and create a culture that is aligned to where we are going. I have recommendedKate to so many companies and people - she has truly helped me transform my life and business


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The first step to success is conscious leadership. Learn how to deepen your connection to yourself and hardwire your brain for happiness.

We are operating in such fast paced, emotionally loaded and highly disruptive lives that we have lost a deep and conscious connection to ourselves and therefore others. This leads to disruptive thoughts and behaviours that sabotage our performance, relationships and health.


Mind Your Success teaches participants about mindfulness and how to easily integrate mindful micro practices into their lives. You'll learn how being mindful isn't just about meditating, which participants find a huge relief! But they also learn something about the art of meditation that most find surprising and enlightening. Mindfulness is a state of being that can be practiced all throughout the day and some of these practices are discussed and contemplated in this engaging and open session.


We discuss a little on brain science, habit psychology and how our impulsive brain drives many of our unhelpful decisions and actions. You and your team will leave feeling aware, enlightened and empowered and given practical tools to begin the process of rewiring and hardwiring your brain for reduced stress and increased happiness and peace. 




Kate thank you again for your great session. You pitched it perfectly and your delivery was impeccable. The staff have thanked me for organising this session for them. I was highly impressed by how well you prepared for the session, connected with my team, and delivered this workshop. You are such a professional with an amazing ability to connect with and understand people from all walks of life.


Mind Your Success

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