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This 2 day immersive Masterclass is for women leaders and leaders on the rise sharpen their self-leadership skills and learn how to integrate micro-practices that really help them build their self efficacy, improve their productivity and align with their inner leader.

July 29th
July 30th



Lead Yourself with Kate Krieg M.B.A.

Masterclass Summary:

To be a powerful, authentic and inspiring leader – you need to Be Yourself.


Research shows most of us are disconnected from who we are at the core. We are over-stretched, overly stressed and over-pleasing others in an attempt to succeed and grow.


Self-efficacy (also known as self-belief), self-leadership and resilience are essential components to achieving greater performance outcomes and leadership advancements. Yet, research also shows that these skills are severely lacking at all levels of leadership.


“We are operating in fast paced, disruptive lives. And this means our brain power is reactive, emotional and easily distracted….”


This driving force leads to feelings of overwhelm, low confidence and frustration. Which then leads to poor decision making, low level productivity and unstable leadership foundations...


To be a great leader, you need to be able to Lead Yourself first.


“We need new skills in this ‘attention economy’ as we are faced with perpetual distractions and at times overwhelming emotions. We need to strengthen the Executive Functioning of our brain, access higher order thinking and upgrade our self-leadership capabilities to achieve greater focus, creativity and make decisive and aligned actions.”


This Masterclass will help you sharpen your self-leadership skills and learn how to integrate micro-practices that help you:


  • Build your self-efficacy and emotional agility as a leader

  • Learn new skills to thrive in a culture of perpetual distractions and competing priorities

  • Connect and align to your inner leader to be more effective, productive and inspiring.


This is an engaging, safe and purposeful space for deep reflection, insightful analyses and planning new actions.

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This immersive and evidence based two-day masterclass has been designed specifically for women leaders and leaders on the rise who:


This immersive and evidence based two-day masterclass has been designed specifically for women leaders and leaders on the rise who:


Want to install healthy boundaries and behaviours

Are keen to advance themselves without sacrificing their health or happiness

Are eager to develop as a leader and an individual, in a way that feels authentic to them

Are ready to lead with confidence, connect with authenticity and communicate with clarity

Are overwhelmed with the competing demands of work and life

Want to reduce reacting and learn how to make reflective and effective decisions

See value in giving themselves the time and space to reflect and install new ways of being to lead with greater integrity and awareness

Are looking to develop and grow by learning new skills and insights

Want to connect and network with other women leaders and leaders on the rise











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You will begin the journey that will support you to:











Develop and internalise a leadership identity with a strong sense of purpose and deep connection to self


Install a new level of comfort zone


Enhance your self-belief and self-credibility


Confidently generate and express new ideas and decisions


Upgrade your leadership beliefs and gain clarity on your foundational values 


Overcome personal fears and insecurities - start to look at what is possible, challenge the status quo and take confident aligned action 


Clearly communicate your value and vision 


Discover what is driving your actions and behaviours and how you can influence or upgrade them to get even better results


Anchor your leadership development in a sense of purpose rather than how you will be perceived


Connect with other like-minded individuals and be empowered to lead authentically.

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Day One is a nourishing intensive, designed to deep dive into who you are to reveal the authentic, content, confident and inspiring leader you are at your core.


You will go on a journey of self-awareness and learn evidence-based tools to build your resilience and significantly upgrade your emotional agility along the way.


You will leave with a new set of micro-practices, tools, knowledge and skills that when applied will radically improve your relationship with yourself inspiring others to do the same.

Centred on the theme of reflection and integration, you can expect to:

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Build deep (often lacking) self-reflective skills to better lead yourself to a new level

Learn evidence based micro-practices to easily and effectively deal with emotions like – overwhelm, fear, worry, stress, anxiety - often the driving force for our behaviours and cause of low level productivity, missed opportunities, lower performance and trivial actions

Have a better understanding of the basics of brain science and habit psychology to strengthen your executive functioning and dial down your emotional and reactive brain

Activate your Pre-frontal cortex to take charge of decision making, strategic thinking, courageous actions, higher order thinking and creativity

Develop the self-coaching skills that support you acting in alignment with your values, upgraded beliefs and your leadership vision



Participants who attend Day One are able to attend the highly sought-after Day Two intensive.


Day Two supports participants to lead with authenticity, awareness and confidence by revealing the distortions that may be undermining your leadership efforts, sabotaging your success or negatively influencing your overall wellbeing.


Your self-efficacy as a leader will support you to set strong boundaries, act with integrity and feel confident, accountable and decisive.

Centred on the theme of awareness and alignment, you can expect to:

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Reveal (often hidden) distortions in your thinking which is causing you to act, behave or make decisions out of alignment with your leadership vision

Install healthy boundaries that gently support your identity, look after your wellbeing and protect your leadership efforts

Discover how to increase your self-efficacy as a leader

Learn how to self-assess your ideas, actions and decisions

Develop your metacognitive skills to improve your performance

Apply everyday habits and rituals to consistently achieve a high-level impact

Yes, I want to join the Masterclass!

Interested in you or your team members attending this Masterclass? Seats are very limited to allow for an immersive session, so be quick to reserve a spot today!

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